The primary objective of the Indian Immunohematology Initiative is to conduct hands on or “wet” workshops on immunohematology at different venues in India and other South Asian countries.

Past Events

Delhi workshop, 1 – 6 April, ’13


This event followed the plan that we have established as our standard for a free-standing workshop, namely a 5-day “wet” workshop (in this case for 15 students)  followed by a 1-day case studies seminar to which all who can attend are welcome.  This workshop was held at the Lions Blood Bank in New Delhi hosted by Dr. Poonam Srivastava.  Future plans include multiple similar workshops at this facility where a cache of the needed equipment has been established. Faculty included Ms Susan Johnson and Dr. Jim Perkins.  In addition to the support provided by the lions blood bank, additional support for this event was generously provided by the International Society of Blood Transfusion (ISBT), and by NorthShore University HealthSystem, Dr. Perkins home institution.

SAATM 2012 pre-conference workshop, Colombo, Sri Lanka, 6 December, ’12


A 1-day pre-conference seminar for approximately 80 meeting attendees was led by Dr. Jim Perkins.  The seminar was divided into 4, 1.5 hour case study sessions on antibody identification, immune hemolytic anemias, immune-mediated transfusion reactions, and pulmonary complications of transfusion.   Participants received copies of the powerpoint case study presentations. Dr. Perkins also presented a talk at the SAATM annual meeting on recent data on blood group frequencies in South Asians and their implications for blood group antibody formation in the region.

Mumbai workshop, 29 October to 3 November, 2012


This two-part workshop was held at Kokilaben Dhirubai Ambani Hospital, Mumbai, hosted by Dr. Nidhi Mehta.  The first part was a 5-day “wet” workshop for 15 students  covering immunohematologic procedures from reading tube agglutination tests to performing an autoadsorption and was led by Ms. Martha Combs.  This was followed by a 1-day seminar led by Dr. Jim Perkins for approximately 50 students, including 4, 1.5 hour case study sessions on antibody identification, autoimmune hemolytic anemia, immune-mediated transfusion reactions, and pulmonary complications of transfusion.   This was the first of our SAATM workshops which we hope will become a bi-annual event!

SAATM 2011 pre-conference workshop. Dhaka, Bangladesh, 26 May, ’11


A one-day “damp” workshop on immunohematology was presented for approximately 50 physicians and technical staff on blood group antibody detection and identification.  Hemagglutination techniques was demonstrated with slide and video presentations, with an emphasis on manual techniques.  We then showed how these techniques are used to identify blood group antibodies, including the analysis of RBC panel results.  Participants were provided with workbooks of antibody problems which were reviewed in interactive sessions.  Faculty for the workshop included Janis Hamilton, MS MT(ASCP)SBB and Jim Perkins, MD.

ISBTI ’10 pre-conference workshops, Hyderbad, 10-11 November, ’10


Two, two-day workshops, one for 10 beginners and one for 12 advanced immunohematology students were presented before the 2010 ISBTI conference in Hyderabad.  The workshops were “Beginning Antibody Identification” and “Preparing In-House Panels, and PEG for Antibody Identification”. Faculty included Martha Rae Combs, MT(ASCP)SBB, Susan Johnson, MT(ASCP)SBB, and Jim Perkins, MD.

Bangalore Workshop, 21-25 September, ’09


This four and a half day wet workshop was held at the Rotary ttk Blood Bank, hosted by Drs. Latha Jaganathan and Ankit Mathur, and taught by Ms. Janis Hamilton and Dr. Jim Perkins.  The 12 participating  technicians, technical supervisors, and blood bank physicians came from as far away as Ahmedabad.  The workshop covered immunohematologic procedures from reading tube agglutination tests to autoadsorption to discover alloantibodies underlying an autoantibody.  We hope to come back to this excellent facility!

RECAP ’08 workshop; 7-11, January ’08


This five-day wet workshop for 12 students hosted by Jeevan Blood Center in Chennai covered techniques ranging from basic tube agglutination testing technique to RBC elution and autoadsorption.  The workshop was taught by Martha Rae Combs and Dr. Jim Perkins with assistance from Dr. Anila Mathan and Kavitha.

Prathama Staff Workshops; 5-7, November ’07


Hands-on workshops were conducted for Prathama Blood Center physician and technical staff on investigation of autoantibodies, donor antigen phenotyping, and selection of panel cells.  Faculty included Sue Johnson, Jan Hamilton, and Dr Jim Perkins.

ISBTI ’07 pre-conference workshops; 31 October-1 November ’07


Two, two day workshops, beginner and advanced, each for 12 students were conducted before the 2007 ISBTI conference in Bhopal, hosted by Dr. Manisha Shrivastava. The beginner workshop covered basic tube agglutination testing techniques and their use in antibody identification using cell panels. The advanced workshop focussed on investigation of autoantibodies, both cold- and warm-reactive. Faculty included Janis Hamilton, Sue Johnson, and Dr. Jim Perkins.

RECAP ’07 workshop, Chennai; 8-12 January ’07


This five-day wet workshop for 12 students was hosted by Dr. P. Srinivasan at Jeevan Blood Center in Chennai.  Exercises ranged from basic tube agglutination testing technique to RBC elution and autoadsorption.  The workshop was taught by Marilyn Moulds and Dr. Jim Perkins.

ISBTI ’06 pre-conference workshop; 7-9 November ’06


A three-day workshop for 25 physicians and technicians, “TransQ ’06″ was held at Prathama Blood Center before the 2006 ISBTI conference in Ahmedabad, hosted by Dr. Nabajyoti Choudhury.  Techniques covered included tube agglutination testing, use of antibody identification panels, and preparation and testing of RBC eluates.  Faculty included Ms. Sue Johnson and Drs. Jim Perkins and Graeme Woodfield.

Marilyn Moulds teaching at Jeevan, Jan \'07

How You Can Help

The III is grateful for financial contributions.  These support travel by our faculty to meetings in India and travel of our students to the United States for extended training.  (Please note that the director’s travel is entirely funded by his employer, NorthShore Medical Group.)  Your contribution leverages the generous support of the other organizations listed on the “About the III” page.   Financial contributions can only be made by check at this time.  Please make checks out to “The Center for International Health” with “Indian Initiative” on the memo line and mail them to:  9501 Watertown Plank Road, P.O. Box 1997, Milwaukee, WI  53226.

In addition to financial contributions we welcome contributions of equipment, particularly serologic centrifuges, dry heat incubators, and cell washers.  If you have such items please contact us at the link below and we will arrange shipping.

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