External Educational Materials

External Educational Materials

1. Immunohematology; a journal of the American Red Cross reference laboratories
Download free copies of this premier immunohematology journal for the years 2002 to 2012.

2. Blood Bank Guy
Informative and fun!

3. National Center for Biotechnology Blood Group Database
A database maintained by the NCBI of NIH (US). Click on “Systems” and then a BG system name, or “Resources” followed by “Tutorials”.

4. beLearning – VersitiTM
Educational programs in transfusion medicine, hematology and transplantation. Check out Clear as Glass Blood Banking, a unique video lecture series on Immunohematology topics by Sue Johnson

5. Blood
Blood is the world’s premier hematology journal. Five complete articles from each number are made available for free, and all abstracts are available.

6. TraQ Program of the British Columbia Provincial Blood Coordinating Office
This website is loaded with educational content and links. Sign up for free and surf case studies, videos, educational opportunities, and transfusion medicine news from around the world.

7. Serious Hazards of Transfusion (SHOT) Reports
The prototype of hemovigilance databases! All of the yearly SHOT reports since 1996 are available on their website.