Consult Us

We welcome consultations on immunohematologic problems from our South Asian colleagues. Consultations submitted to the above email address will be forwarded to all of our consultants. These individuals will reply as they have the time available, directing the reply to the source as well as the rest of the group of consultants. If other consultants have more to add, or if they disagree, they may respond as well.

Our ability to give useful advice on immunohematologic problems is limited by the amount and clarity of the information we receive. We suggest that individuals consulting us use the standard forms provided on this page to present their data. These can be downloaded in Microsoft Word format, results can be entered into the tables, and then the completed forms can be attached to the email. Alternatively, paper worksheets, including panel manufacturer’s worksheets or worksheets downloaded here, can be scanned and attached to an email. Consider using a combination of these methods as well.

Please note that the III consultants are only offering help on how immunohematologists might proceed in solving their own cases. We are an educational organization and do not take any legal responsibility for medical care of the patients on whom we are consulted. We do not offer consultation to laboratories in the United States.

Please download and fill out the following Testing Forms, then attach all files to the form below.